Fingerprinting Taken
Outside Canada

In keeping up the pace with security measures, it has become mandatory in many countries to first pass the fingerprinting test so that the individual’s identity can be checked. If the person passes the test and does not have any criminal record, then only that person is allowed to enter a particular country either for travelling purposes, business, pleasure or visit.

We at FingerPrinter not only offer the fingerprinting services for Canadians but also for people living abroad. The procedure of getting the finger printing done is made quite easy at our office as we have some of the top fingerprinting professionals with vast experience and in-depth knowledge in the field. Along with the expert manpower, we also excel in using the latest and technologically advanced machines and equipment so that accurate fingerprinting results can be obtained.

We offer an easy process in which people living outside of Canada can get their fingerprinting done without error. We can help you with each and every step that is required in getting your fingerprinting done with ease.

We can digitally scan your ink and roll fingerprints and create an electronic file which we can submit to the RCMP for processing. This reduces the processing time for a no record search from 120 days to as little as 72 hours, with results being mailed to anywhere in North America in as little as two weeks.

For your ease of mind, below is the process that you are required to follow in order to have your fingerprints taken outside Canada processed in our Canadian offices.

Step 1 Fingerprints

Have your fingerprints taken by an approved fingerprinting agency in your country.

NOTE: we cannot process the transaction if the signature and printed name of the official taking the fingerprint and the agency name are missing.

Step 2 Identification

A) Include notarized photocopies of the front of
TWO pieces of valid government-issued
identification. At least ONE must bear a photograph. Expired IDs are not acceptable.

Examples of identification which can be used:
– Passport (of any country)
– Citizenship card or permanent resident card
– Immigration document (i.e. landing papers)
– Birth certificate
– Driver’s licence

B) Include a passport style photo with your name &
date of birth written on the back of the photo.

Step 3 Third Party Consent

(A) Provide an address in Canada where you want the RCMP to mail the completed certified report. RCMP cannot mail the document outside of Canada. We can receive the document on your behalf and can also courier it to you, if you request it.

(B) Provide a third-party authorization, authorizing the RCMP to mail the document to a third party. You have to include the name and address of the person or organization in Canada that you want the document to be mailed to. For your ease, we can email this document to you if you send us an email at

For more information, please visit our website at and see all the details. Speak to our expert professionals about the whole procedure and get your work done with utmost ease and most importantly at an economical and competitive fee.

Set up an appointment and get to know more about our Fingerprinting for people abroad services, by simply calling us at 647-352-3557 or filling out the inquiry form from our website’s home page or email us at with your address and contact information, including email address. We will get back to you with further details of what to send to us.


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