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FingerPrinter is accredited by both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Using a system approved by both the FBI and RCMP, we capture your fingerprints, photographs and some basic biographical information and submit them electronically to the RCMP or FBI for processing. This reduces the RCMP and FBI processing time to as little as 72 hours, which means your fingerprint-based criminal record checks will be mailed to you in as little as three business days after visiting our office in the case of RCMP fingerprints or emailed to you within 2 business days in the case of FBI fingerprints.

Identifying a person is certainly an important aspect of investigation when it is related to a crime scene. For such specific crime situations, fingerprinting plays quite an important role in figuring out who the culprit is. In fact, there are several other reasons why people need to get their finger prints done properly by an accredited agency like FingerPrinter.

At FingerPrinter, we also offer traditional Ink and roll services for our clients who request for it. It is a paper-based fingerprint submission mostly requested by foreign governments. Fingerprinting is a reliable and efficient way of performing a police reference check for employment, volunteer, foreign work permits or visiting permits, citizenship, rentals, self-interest, police reference letter, police certificate, name check or criminal record check. The turnaround time is within 30 minutes and the original will be provided to you instantly.

With so many fields of life requiring fingerprinting, we here at FingerPrinter offer you our specialized finger printing services that will help you in different types of works. The service which we offer are supported with advanced technology and latest machines that provide accurate and reliable results. To get in touch with us call us, please call us at 647-352-3557 or by Email at


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