Summary List of Services



CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK Criminal background checks have become a standard in various industries and settings. Whether you are applying for a job, renting a home, or...

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✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 What is an Apostille? An Apostille certifies the documents that are to be used in a foreign country and validates and...

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FBI Fingerprints

✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 FingerPrinter is accredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). You may be required to provide an FBI fingerprint...

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Fingerprinting Taken Outside Canada

✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 In keeping up the pace with security measures, it has become mandatory in many countries to first pass the fingerprinting...

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Ink & Roll Fingerprints

✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 Ink and roll fingerprinting is a way to obtain fingerprints of individuals in Canada. A person may require this for a...

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Pardons and Record Suspension

✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 We provide pardons Canada services and Expungement services. While pardons Canada is very popular and common, expungement is...

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Vulnerable Sector Check

✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 FingerPrinter is accredited to provide Vulnerable Sector Check. The Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) was put in place to...

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✉ ✆ 647-3522-3557 What is a Waiver If you have an existing criminal record or history as a result of a crime committed in the United States,...

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