Vulnerable Sector Check

FingerPrinter is accredited to provide Vulnerable Sector Check. The Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) was put in place to protect vulnerable people from those who can pose a threat to their wellbeing. Vulnerable people include anyone who must depend on another person due to either a temporary or permanent condition. These include children, disabled individuals, people with mental disorders, and the elderly.

A Vulnerable Sector Check is a must for people applying for certain positions that deal with vulnerable individuals in society. This type of background check is mandatory for those volunteering for such positions too. Applying to positions such as daycare workers, social workers, teachers, drivers, and coaches requires a mandatory Vulnerable Sector Check in Canada.

The Vulnerable Sector Check provides a wide array of information on the individual. It provides summary convictions for the last five years and criminal convictions whose record is available with local databases and CPIC. VSC includes conditional and absolute discharges, outstanding entries, and a conviction where the pardon has been granted.

The organization or the person who is directly responsible for the vulnerable individuals is responsible for requesting a VSC. Without the applicant’s consent, the search cannot be completed. It is vital to note that the position at which the person will be working forms the basis of whether VSC must be conducted or not.

Where you can apply depends on your current place of residence. Generally, the process involves getting a copy of the Vulnerable Sector Check form online or from an accredited agency and then filling it up. The application charges vary as per the applicant. Payment is usually accepted when done by cash, money order, business cheques, and certified cheques. FingerPrinter will clearly state the fees based on the particular requirements of the VSC applicant.

According to the RCMP Policy, fingerprints are required if the applying individual’s date of birth and gender are exact matches of an existing pardoned sexual offense record. The person will be notified via a letter if the match has occurred and what steps are needed to be taken to take the fingerprints and send them. It can take around 4 months for the results to come.

You will need to show your identification cards; one in which your details such as name, date of birth, and address are included. And another where your photo is clearly visible. In most cases, it can take 10 working days or even longer for the Vulnerable Security Check application to be processed and the results given to you.

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