What is a Waiver

If you have an existing criminal record or history as a result of a crime committed in the United States, it would be difficult for you to enter into the United States. However, like the saying goes, every problem has a solution. Fingerprinter will assist you in providing the necessary solution to this problem by assisting you in properly applying for and successfully obtaining permission from the United States Department of Homeland Security. This permission is called US Entry Waiver. US Entry Waiver, commonly called “Waiver” is simply a document that grants a Canadian citizen who has a criminal conviction or other type of miscellaneous issues entry into the United States. Without a Waiver, a criminal conviction in the United States will prevent a Canadian citizen from entering the United States.

Why you need a Waiver

When you have a criminal record or criminal history in the United States, your options for employment, travel, bonds, citizenship, permanent residence, adoption, and psychological wellbeing are limited. Fingerprinter will assist you in obtaining your Waiver for visiting the United States and crossing the border easily without hassles.

Why You Should Use Fingerprinter for Your US Entry Waivers

The US Waiver application is complicated and complex. It entails a significant amount of tedious paperwork which requires that you provide proof of citizenship, fingerprints, biographic information (form G-325A), police records, judicial history documents, character references, rehabilitation documents, and form I-212 if the applicant had been removed from or denied entry into the United States previously. The standards of expectation of the Department of Homeland Security are high. As such, if you forget to include any relevant document, your entire application faces the risk of being rejected. Accordingly, this is enough reason why you should choose the stress-free option of using Fingerprinter for your US Entry Waiver application. While it is possible for you to apply for a US Waiver yourself by completing the requisite Form I-192 which allows inadmissible non-immigrant aliens to request permission for temporary admittance to the United States, it is important to note that it is a very rigorous and complex legal process that requires professional assistance. Fingerprinter is dedicated to providing our clients with a hassle-free US Waiver service that ensures the highest standards of dedication and trust. FingerPrinter is a top rated and award-winning Ontario fingerprinting office that has become one of Canada’s fastest- growing Waiver service providers.

Duration of US Waiver

A US Waiver of Inadmissibility can be issued for a time frame that ranges from one, two, or five years depending on a number of factors including the strength of the application, the seriousness and extent of the crimes that were committed, the amount of time since the convictions occurred, and whether or not it’s a new Waiver or a Waiver renewal. A single US Waiver entitles a person to visit the United States multiple times during the duration of a single Waiver. However, if the person plans to stay for more than 3 months at once, the person will be required to complete additional forms that will provide more information to the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, the additional forms will be notarized, and then attached to the application.

Fees for US Waiver

The application requires the applicant to pay a non-refundable US Government processing fee of US $585 by credit card or certified cheque drawn on a USA bank.

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